Commercial and International Arbitration


Mr. Santos has been involved in the area of domestic and international commercial arbitrations since 1995, serving as chairman, sole arbitrator, or co-arbitrator principally involving Latin American and Caribbean country parties. He served as arbitrator and as legal counsel in a number of international arbitration panels and tribunals under the American Arbitration Association and International Centre for Dispute Resolution concerning commercial, investment and partnership or joint venture disputes involving parties and claims of up to $1 billion.

Mr. Santos possess a deep understanding of the legal and judicial systems of many countries throughout the world, with special emphasis on Latin America and Europe, and is keenly aware of the systems, rules, and culture of such countries and practitioners within such countries. He frequently handles complex business transactions requiring comparative law analyses and the use and oversight of counsel in a wide variety of foreign jurisdictions, as well as the crafting of documentation that reflects legal strategies developed with clients seeking to expand or acquire products or services overseas.

He is a frequent lecturer on matters of commercial and international arbitration, rules and applicable laws, and provides clients with advice regarding drafting of clauses, interpretation of clauses, selection of arbitration panel members and other matters relating to arbitrations.