Information Technology

Today’s rapidly evolving information technology environment has placed unprecedented pressure on business concerns. No longer will the marketplace permit companies to rely on outdated technologies and systems, requiring that today’s business maintain and enhance their information technology capacity on an ongoing basis. This requires that companies engage with a great number of vendors that provide services and technology. Because each vendor and each project can be both transformative and mission-critical for today’s management, legal counsel must be conversant in the legal, business, and technology aspects of each transaction to achieve a client’s objectives.

The firm is able to represent clients in all aspects of the technology acquisition process. Understanding the needs of today’s global economy, the firm is well-equipped to serve the complex needs of our clients. In-depth knowledge of technologies and project management methodologies permits the negotiation of key agreements that will best serve the client, incorporating throughout the process business, technological and legal aspects of each transaction.

Our representative transactions cover a wide variety of technology and service agreements, such as:

  • Licensing of software and related systems or technologies
  • Complex software and systems support and maintenance agreements
  • Software as a service (SaaS), application service provider (ASP) and Cloud computing services agreements
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing agreements and services
  • Internet-based and other forms of electronic business transactions
  • Website development and terms-of-use agreements
  • Software and technology escrow arrangements

Our firm routinely assists clients with service providers providing technology or related services and expertise, staff augmentation and other outsourcing agreements and relationships, application modifications, enhancements and development, and the maintenance and support of such technologies. We work closely with each client’s teams, integrating with the client’s project team, whether comprised of internal personnel or outside consultants because we understand the business of technology from its development to full implementation and launch or roll-out.