International Business Transactions


Mr. Santos has been involved in the area of domestic and international commercial and financial transactions, assisting companies and financial institutions with financing, establishing and acquiring operations in virtually every country in the Americas, as well as Europe and Asia. His experience covers mergers and acquisitions, cross-border transactions, joint ventures, distributorships, loans and structured finance, technology licensing, technology services consulting contracts and technology transfers for US and foreign clients. Mr. Santos has also developed extensive experience in analyzing foreign laws and regulations affecting complex cross-border corporate and financial transactions and disputes worldwide.

Over the years Mr. Santos has also represented lenders and borrowers in a wide variety of US and international financing transactions. The transactions financed were evenly divided between working capital and acquisitions of entities or joint ventures, with the vast majority being secured financing transactions. Transactions involved operations, entities or assets located in over 20 countries throughout the US, Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe.

  • Representative Business Transactions include – Sale of US-based Automobile Rental Business to Company Funded by US
    Auto Manufacturer
    Value: $112 Million
  • Acquisition of Search Engine and Portal Operation by European-based Internet Service Provider (US/Europe)
    Value: $14.6 Billion
  • Joint Venture between US-based Telecommunications Provider and Caribbean-based GPS and Cellular-based Geo-location System Developer and Operator (US) Development of Wireless Vehicle Tracking System in Caribbean with Rights of First  Refusal and Acquisition of Local Companies
    Value: $20 Million (US/Caribbean) Joint Venture between Subsidiary of International Telecommunications Conglomerate
  • Central American-based Telecommunications Concern (US/Europe/Latin America) Acquisition of Interest in Cable TV Provider  and Development of Capacity Network (included transactions with 6 entities from 3 countries in Europe and Latin America)
    Value: $110 Million Joint Venture between European-based Internet Service Provider and US-based Telecommunications
  • Concern for Development of International Cable Network Capacity Agreements (included up to 9 related entities in 7  countries in the US, Europe and Latin America)
    Value: $250 Million Joint Venture between International Telecommunications Conglomerate and Undersea Cable System
  • Provider for Development of Multinational Undersea Cable System (included 11 entities in 8 countries in the US, Europe and  Latin America)